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Writing a research paper assignment

Writing a research paper assignment

Research papers are written pieces of work longer than essays. Thus writing one involves all steps for writing an essay plus some other additional ones. Students at higher levels of learning write research papers throughout their college life. If it is your first time writing a research paper it may seem as an enormous and tiring task. You might be in need of assignment help. Through seeking services of an online writing company one can get the help they need. Organizing your work well plus remaining focused and motivated can also help a lot in making the writing process easier.

assignmentOne must first do some research on their topic. Reading from different sources i.e. from the internet, books, can also carry out interviews. All the gathered information supports in writing the document. Sources of information should be documented to enable readers know where you got your information and they can judge on whether it is reliable. Writing a research paper involves four main steps: picking a topic, carrying out research on the topic, developing an outline then finally carrying out the actual writing. Plan and prepare well and also avoid plagiarism.

Choose your topic. One must ask themselves several questions: does this topic have enough research? Is this topic new? If so, can I offer new opinions? Pick a subject that you love and interests you a lot as it will show in the final end and you will most likely be successful in it.Try as much being original and unique because probably somebody else has done and written on something close or similar to your research. If it is proving difficult to come up with a suitable topic one can seek help from professors, fellow students or professional online writers. They will give you great ideas and also help you generate new ideas as you interact. Seeking help from them is worth as they are very willing to help and want success for you. Feel free to change your topic anytime you come up with a better idea.

The next thing after having your topic selected is researching. Take your time to look for adequate and relevant research. Try use a minimum of 5 sources. Look online for articles written by experts whose work has been read and recommended by others. Visiting the local library can also prove helpful. Develop an outline after gathering all the necessary information. Organize your notes properly and identify the goal of your paper i.e. whether it is an argumentative or analytic research paper. They both require different writing styles and focus. Finally write down your research paper following the correct guidelines.

Finishing Essay & Research Paper within a Specific Time Frame

Finishing Essay & Research Paper within a Specific Time Frame

When writing a research paper one is supposed to organize the different activities in a manner that it will be possible to complete your work within a given time frame. In most cases this requires one to come up with a work plan which is basically a detailed accounting of how you will go about accomplishing specific tasks within a given time frame.  Coming up with such a work plan is normally not as challenging as adhering to it. This means that a lot of students and researchers a like face difficulties when it comes finishing a research paper within a specific time frame.  The following discussion aims at giving you some insights on how to manage time when writing a research paper like a professional essay writer.

Starting writing your research paper early enough will most definitely help you in finishing your research paper on time. Doing so will not only help you reduce the pressure as well as time constraints that comes as your paper becomes due but will also allow you given enough time to every section of a research paper. The result of this will most likely be a top quality research paper.

essayDeveloping a realistic plan can also help you in completing your research paper on time. Setting different milestones to be accomplished within given time frames will make writing your research paper to be a less daunting task. This is because it will be a rewarding experience every time you achieve a given milestone.

Breaking your work into different parts can also work as a strategy that can help you in time management. Working on your whole project can be very stressful if not an impossible activity. It then follows that it is wise to breakdown the whole process into different parts or stages that doable within short timeframes.

It is also a nice idea to have a regular time for doing your research. For example you can designate a few hours a day to work on your research paper. This will ensure that you have enough time to work on your research paper as you will have already synchronized it in your daily routine. Incorporating working on your research paper in your daily routine is therefore one of the best strategies that can really help you to finish your research paper on time. Remember that procrastination is the greatest threat to your dream of finishing your research paper on time.

Book report writing help

Book report writing help

Book reports are class assignments that require a student to read a book and carry out a detailed analysis of the book. Book writing may be on a specific book or a book of the student’s choice. Writing a book report may become tasking for a student requiring them to seek  book report help same way they seek help with math homework.

Reading the book before writing the report is the first and crucial part of book report writing. The student is able to identify and note down the main ideas in the book, the primary characters and the plot of the book. The student then embarks on writing the book report.

helpThe introduction of the report gives the background of the book. The author’s information and publication details are included in the introduction. The book’s setting such as place and time may also be included in the introduction.

The second paragraph of the book report gives the summary of the book. The main homework plot points of the book should be paraphrased into the summary. The summary should be brief and may be written in point form.

In the following paragraphs, the student digs into deeper analysis of the book either chapter by chapter or as a whole. The student may be given guiding questions to help with their analysis. When guiding questions are not provided, the main points to consider are:

  • The main idea of the book- This is the central conflict that resonates with the characters of the book.
  • The climax of the book- The student should identify the point where the story reaches a turning point or the point where an event changes the lives of the characters unexpectedly.
  • The characters of the book- The student should identify the main characters and what they represent in the book. The student may also choose to analyze how the characters influence each other in the book and the involvement of the characters in the book.
  • Non-fiction texts- When writing book reports for non-fiction texts, the student should analyze the major lessons of the book and its role in various contexts.
  • Personal opinion- The student may attempt to give their interpretation of their book or their personal opinion of the central idea of the book.

When concluding a book report, the student should share their experience whilereading the book. The student may recommend the book to other readers or highlight their misgivings about the book.In case the student seeks help with their book report, they should make sure to proofread the final copy before submitting.

Adding Essay Notes: Thesis Footnotes

Adding Essay Notes: Adding Thesis Footnotes

The footnotes are usually placed at bottom position of the page. An essay writer uses footnotes to reference as well as commenting on the part on the text that is usually above it. The moment the reader comes across any footnote form the main text of the paper, he or she looks down to verify if there is a certain comment. This improves the convenience of the reader as he or she goes through your paper.

essay-writerMostly the students are asked footnotes or the endnotes in their papers. Some of the citation styles require the students to make parenthetic references which require the date and the author in the body of the work. Mostly in the academic field, the footnotes are used to refer to the relevant sources. The footnote should be inserted promptly at the end of the sentence. It also advisable to omit at least two spaces after the first footnote before beginning the sentence that follows. Moreover at some instances, the footnotes are placed at the middle of the sentence for clarity. The moment one sentence has many footnotes it should be inserted at the end of the phrase that is relevant. It should be placed mostly after a comma as well as other punctuation marks. The style of the footnotes must be used consistently throughout the thesis. Furthermore, the word can also change the footnotes to endnotes. The following are the guidelines that should be followed when coming up with the footnotes:

  • The content in footnotes is governed by style manuals (APA, MLA,
  • Font Arial 10pt.
  • Single-spaced with spacing between entries.
  • Each footnote must consist of a single paragraph.
  • When inserting footnotes, use Word’s auto-numbering feature.

Footnotes are preferable to endnotes and may: be numbered sequentially throughout the document (the template is designed to do this), be numbered throughout each chapter or part or appear at the bottom of the page, at the end of the chapter, or at the end of the entire text. Footnotes are helpful to your reader in that they clarify information as they read through your research paper or school essay. It is important to use footnotes correctly so that they are purely useful and do not become distracting.

There are some quick tips you can use to better understand the importance of footnotes and to ensure you are using them properly:

  • One should ensure that the format of the footnotes used is the one suggested by the professor.
  • Also, the footnotes should be properly placed at the end of the page for easy identification.
  • The footnotes should be used when necessary only as an identification of where the information has been derived.
  • The version of the footnotes that should be used should be shortened to reduce the clutter on the paper.
  • One should be careful about the track of the footnotes that he or she is going to use.